[ahimsa-tech] new virtual box arrived

Glen Newell skipworthy at realivetech.com
Tue Oct 10 16:36:16 PDT 2006

Hi Jeff-

How much easier/harder would it be if instead of moving, we built a new
one and migrated the data? I assume since it's all virtual, you'd just
move the whole image other wise...

either way- I'll get a couple good backups behind me, and try and slim
it down a bit- let me know what your schedule is like for an upgrade- I
could really use your help.


jeff moe wrote:
> Ok, so the box has physically arrived. I believe bame plans to mount it in the 
> cabinet in the coming week or so. Then I'll pop in the OS and do some initial 
> setup.
> These are the sites that may be moved:
> 59G     custom/nimiq
> 1.7G    custom/portugal
> 2.2G    dada/colorado
> 224M    dada/prague
> 4.4G    dada/wmass
> 3.0G    dada/wmass-devel
> 1.3G    sf-active/andorra
> 348M    sf-active/antwerpen
> 22M     sf-active/bolivia-devel
> 51G     sf-active/italy
> 876M    sf-active/kenya
> 2.5G    sf-active/marseille
> 834M    sf-active/ovl
> 3.8M    sf-active/shared
> 2.5G    sf-active/uruguay
> 454M    sf-active/wvl
> 1.8G    spip/nantes
> 2.0G    spip/nice
> That's about 130G or so. The box has two 146G drives--this includes the OS.
> The purpose of this box is speed, not necessarily reliability, so i may stripe 
> the drives together too. :)  Backups can be periodically rsync'd over to disko 
> (NFS server).
> The biggest dynamic site is easily italy. Moving them off the NFS box would 
> lessen it's load quite a bit. I'm not sure who I should talk to about that. 
> Anyone on this list? :)
> video.indymedia.org (nimiq) is quite big too in terms of diskspace, but it also 
> has far fewer far larger files.  Does video.indy need fast disks for anything? 
> Any plans to do transcoding or anything like that?
> In theory, perhaps we could even plop a mir prod server on there, to have a 
> standby server for that. We'll look at that more down the road though.
> Anyway, if your site is on the above list and you want to see it run faster 
> sooner, contact me. :)
> Oh, and we need to name it...hmm.....
> -Jeff
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