[ahimsa-tech] new virtual box arrived

jeff moe jeff at indymedia.org
Fri Oct 20 13:34:39 PDT 2006

dann frazier wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 10:01:36PM -0300, jeff wrote:
>> jeff moe wrote:
>>> Ok, so the box has physically arrived. I believe bame plans to mount it in the 
>>> cabinet in the coming week or so. Then I'll pop in the OS and do some initial 
>>> setup.
>> The OS is installed, I did a vanilla kernel with vserver patches and 
>> set up the first test vserver. So it's "ready".
> fyi, Debian has a 2.6.18 w/ vserver support (aiui), if you want to use
> something security supported.....

I installed the debian vserver 2.6.17 kernel but it panicked on boot. I didn't 
see a 2.6.18 one.

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