[ahimsa-tech] UDP->6881

jeff moe jeff at indymedia.org
Fri Oct 20 15:03:09 PDT 2006

jeff moe wrote:
> For the last few hours ahimsa* has seen a flood of UDP traffic to port 6881 
> (bittorrent) aimed at BLAG's webserver.
> I blocked it at the firewall and upstream is going to implement the same 
> filter. In one snapshot I took there were around 7,000 unique IPs sending traffic.

I still don't have a very good handle on /why/ this is happening.

For the last few days FRII, the upstream ISP, has been blocking this ip/port so 
it doesn't flood the firewall. They sent me a log snippet that showed 47 denied 
packets. This was the /first 50 seconds/ of the day. So it's about 1 denied IP 
hitting us per second.

The IPs are from around the world with maybe a bit of a bias towards APNIC. 
They appear to be cable modem/dsl type customers. In other words, they look 
like zombied boxes.

A google search shows the box listed as a torrent node for what appear to be 
some anime videos: "node://"


But the box is not sharing any videos nor has it become a warez dumping ground 
(e.g. it doesn't appear to have been rooted or anything).

This is creating a bit of a problem for BLAG since it can't share the ISO 
images via bittorrent now.

Anyone got a cluestick to hit me with? :)



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