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Jack Boulton jack at stimulusrespond.com
Fri May 30 13:23:05 PDT 2008

**Apologies for cross-posting**
Dear All,
Just to let everyone know that the new website for Stimulus Respond is now online in it's usual home, www.stimulusrespond.com.
The cover for the Time issue, comprising an image by Julie Masterson entitled Study for a Uniform, has also just been released. Pre-orders for the issue are now available at www.stimulusrespond.com/subscribe, where you can also order back issues and subscribe for a year. In order to celebrate the imminent arrival of Time and the launch of the new website, every person who pre-orders Time will receive a free copy of either Magic or Utopia – just email me at jack at stimulusrespond.com to let us know which issue you would like.

Also available online are videos from Ciam and Thomas Truax, both of whom are interviewed in the forthcoming issue.

Thanks all,
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