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hi Elisa,

> Hi Elisa,
> forwarding this on to the people/collectives responsible for the various
> servers.
> And.

> From: elisa
> Date: 20 September 2006 10:19:30 PM

> Hi all,
> I'm Elisa form brasil.indymedia and from Sarava.org, I wrote a email for
> And asking some things aboute the Australia servers, so he think that is
> better to send a email for the sysadmin, here I'm.
> IMC Brazil Tech collective is in the process of getting a new server, as
> our current one is hosted in Brazil in an overloaded facility. Our plan
> is to have a box outside the country (so to prevent raids by the
> brazilian police) in a place with good uptime. Zapata and Gdm from
> Indymedia are also helping us.
> For this purpose we're figuring out about the possible places where
> this machine can be hosted. We raised some possibilities and we need to
> know how is the things in Australia, so first I would like to ask if
> there is that possibility  and also some information about:
>   - cost for the hosting.
>   - local maintenance/support.
>   - if someone can receive the money, buy the machine and
>     install the machine with a debian system.
> We're also tracking information of the different laws of the
> possible places to host, so if you also have that information
> it would be really helpful  :)
> We dont have the box yet at first we plan to use the box for publishing
> only so we dont mind to use a lot of bandwith. We use
> http://mir.indymedia.org CMS.
> And already answer some of my questions like:
> "Australian Indymedias run on 3 different servers. axxs, cat and  perth.
> perth and cat only host 2 indymedias (perth and manila, sydney  and
> oceania) and axxs hosts melbourne, adelaide, aotearoa, climate  imc and
> a couple more I think)
> Cat is hosted in a house in sydney, perth is part of a student union
> and axxs is at server beach, a web hosting company in the US. <http://
> serverbeach.com/>"

sorry Elisa, speaking as a non-techie in the cat collective, the short
answer is that cat is unlikely to be able to help, though there are many
on the catgeek list who may have other leads for you. And australia is not
a great defender of free speech.

The long answer may be relevant to if or how AXXS might help:

cat is reconfiguring itself down to a less techie-dependent state, so
that non-geek activists have a better chance of managing their
websites themselves, as subsites of a new plone portal on the AXXS
server. Cat and its many activist member sites are currently hosted on
two US servers run by "john companies" (which has a special interest
in activist & open-source hosting), and JVDS. We only host our mailing
lists & site backup "in a house in sydney" via adsl.

It's important to note that cat's two servers are also overloaded,
and the older of the two has suffered through years of patch-up
jobs so its no longer very manageable.

Though we've had many generous hands contributing for ten years,
CAT hasn't been fully successful in our collective process. We've often
over-reached ourselves in our enthusiasm: been unrealistic in how
much we can do, especially how much we can collectively maintain.

We are hopeful that the new collective around the AXXS server will
improve on our record. Not that we aren't proud of it, eg originating
indymedia's launch software, Active.

About perth IMC:
it is no longer "part of a student union" as the politics in the Union
took a bad turn. They are now on adsl.

BTW I was told yesterday by a (former?) member of Barcelona IMC
that hosting is very cheap in Spain.

all the best,

> Thanks for the attention
> Elisa
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