[axxs-sysadmin] Aotearoa Indy Comments Removed/Gone?

Sebastian aotearoa at kodeaffe.de
Fri Feb 2 23:41:49 PST 2007

kia ora koutou...

* yuda at anarchism.org.nz [2007-02-01 12:36 +1300]:
> Hi I noticed that all the comments at indymedia.org.nz have been  
> removed, is this due to the issues of yeaterday?

unfortunately, this problem still persists, although the comments are
back. what is missing now is the articles and since last night, the
contents of the features table in the database have disappeared. the
error message is always along the lines of:

Database Query Error

Can't open file: 'articles.MYI' (errno: 145)

dunno, if that is just a permissions error (cannot look into
/var/lib/mysql/nzdada as user nzindymedia) or if the files are really

thanks Dave and others in advance,
 Sebastian (AIMC)
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