[axxs-sysadmin] Aussie tech fed?

Dave Fregon dave at netaxxs.com.au
Tue Feb 13 21:59:54 PST 2007

pabs mentioned in IRC how some groups are starting to spring up around
tech stuff ... and how it would be a good idea to 'have a list where
geeks from all such groups in .au could gather'

I'd like to put this as a proposal that we start this and provide the
initial services to get this started, in providing a mailing list off
axxs.org as a basis for it's growth, and initial posts over how we

it comes down to the name for it ..as a secondary to the proposal.

.. for that I propose OBATU at axxs.org

One Big Aussie Tech Union :)

(oh well, humour me and come up with something ;) I was thinking that or
OBAGU (One Big Aussie Geek Union) .. I dunno

anyway something I have been thinking about for a long time, as I have
mentioned in so many posts in the past, and was the ideas over what bred
axxs.org ;) we should get out there and connect, and also drive an
anarchist approach to it as a basis of organisation within it as a
federation of collectives and individuals too. (ie: spokecouncil formats
etc, mutual aid, etc)

This could also come to encompass people like help-desk workers,
networking folk etc etc.

also, there's a list started up by one of the people and sites axxs.org
hosts some may be interested in ..


already had a meeting, the next one : Monday 26th Feb @ 6.30 @ Lentils
in Abbotsford

I'm going to try and make that one, as I missed the last.


20 Chisholm St
Wangaratta 3677
+613 5722 9622

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