[axxs-sysadmin] hosting proposal for SoS, ASEN

maikkeli mkli at riseup.net
Wed Jul 23 20:31:49 PDT 2008


These are really two separate proposals; (SoS is autonomous).

 - The SoS (Students of Sustainability) 2009 conference will need a
home for web and lists; nothing is confirmed yet since we're yet to
have the first collective meeting (7pm 29th/Jul @ RMIT Union if
anyone's interested), but best to get cranking on this soon. The SoS
collective can probably pass some money for this. I'd like to start
setting up this next week.

 - The ASEN (Australian Student Environment Network) website & email
_may_ also need a new home, more conducive to interesting web
projects, and to better facilitate hosting/&c. for enviro/social
activism groups affiliated with them and state networks. They have a
budget for this. This is a longer term project, and may not even

Which of borg or axxs are better suited to each of these proposals?

I'm prepared to be tech contact for these groups.


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