[axxs-sysadmin] Melbourne meet-ups

thoughtmaybe.com community at thoughtmaybe.com
Fri Nov 18 19:21:10 PST 2011

Great! Yes, we'll most definitely meet somewhere in the city, easy. 
Anyone know anywhere gooood??
Date can be anywhere from Sat/Sun 3rd, 4th Dec until about the 7th or 
the 8th perhaps, tho it really depends on what is the best for everyone 
-- I'm good for any and all... Though would it help if we just make a 
date/time/place solid? Cos we can do that too..

On 18/11/2011 6:59 AM, Flower Power wrote:
> I'm interested - would prefer if the meeting was in the CBD or the
> east of the city as I live in Belgrave.
> Cheers
> Davey

On 18/11/2011 10:28 AM, Lachlan Musicman wrote:
> I'm also interested, but am known to be a little unreliable - it all
> depends on family commitments, dates, times etc. I also would prefer
> the CBD.
> cheers
> L.

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