[IMC-Boston-Announce] 3/27: webitorial meeting

Matthew Williams mw21 at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 23 16:12:09 PST 2005

Hello all --

The webitorial (web-editorial) group is meeting this coming Sunday, 
March 27, at 4:00 pm at the Dome Cafe at MIT. We are planning to 
continue with the website visioning/design process.

-- Matt

Here are Nicole's directions to the Dome Cafe:
MIT -- Dome Cafe, bldg. 7, 4th floor

Go in the main entrance of MIT (77 Mass. Ave., the building with the
big columns), and you will be in bldg. 7. Look for an elevator in the
far left corner... take it to the 4th floor. You will see tables and
chairs when the door opens. That's the Dome Cafe. The tables are in an 
open hallway so you can sit there even when the cafe is closed. 

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