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Just FYI for any of the new writers who are interested in learning more about how to get involved w/us.


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 Hi All

So we're on for Tuesday at 6pm at MIT re: New Web Site 

32 Vassar st aka "The Stata Center" aka "Building 32"

This is the crumpled looking building on the corner of Main St. and
Vassar street.  Take The T to Kendall and walk 3 blocks up to Vassar
it'll be on you're left, trust me you can't miss it! 

Go in the Main & Vassar and up the stairs to teh 3rd floor (there is
no 2nd floor at this point).  We'll meet initially at tables the at
the top of this stairway.  After everyone's there we can move into a
conference room with projector so we can look at the site and discuss.

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