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> Subject: Muslims Give $1 Million for Katrina Relief at MAS Freedom  
> Capitol Hill Event
> Muslims Give $1 Million for Katrina Relief at MAS Freedom Capitol  
> Hill Event
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> WASHINGTON, Sep 8 (MASNET) - On Thursday, the Muslim American  
> Society, and
> its Freedom Foundation, and Islamic Relief, were joined on Capitol  
> Hill by
> Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and interfaith leaders for  
> a press
> conference to express their views and support for the victims of  
> Hurricane
> Katrina.
> A check for $1 million from Islamic Relief was presented by MAS  
> Freedom
> Foundation Executive Director Mahdi Bray and Islamic Relief  
> President Ahmed
> El-Bendary on the terrace of the Cannon House Office Building next  
> to the
> U.S. Capitol to aid 30,000 victims of Hurricane Katrina currently  
> housed in
> the Houston Astrodome.
> Present at the presentation were leaders from the of Christian,  
> Jewish,
> Muslim and Sikh communities.
> As President George W. Bush called for $61 billion in aid one week  
> after the
> disaster along the Gulf Coast caused massive property damage and an
> inconclusive number of deaths that may reach into the thousands, a  
> check
> from the Muslim community was presented to the Healing Hands  
> Coalition.
> Bray, presiding over the presentation, lamented that it was  
> "unsettling that
> we have to be reminded of the plight of the poor in America in this  
> manner."
> In an apparent reference to the federal government's delay in  
> providing
> relief assistance to the Gulf Coast region, Bray stated that MAS  
> did not
> wait until the hurricane hit to organize relief efforts, but initiated
> preparations two days before Katrina made landfall.
> "When we heard that there were going to be 15-20 foot swells coming  
> to the
> area, we acted," he said.
> MAS organized its chapters in Houston, New Orleans and Baton Rouge by
> getting volunteers together and initiating its "MAS Boots On The  
> Ground"
> program and MAS Medical Corps, led by MAS President Dr. Esam Omeish, a
> surgeon with massive disaster medical experience. Omeish was the
> surgeon-on-call at Alexandria Hospital in Virginia on September 11,  
> 2001.
> "We have volunteers in the Medical Corp from Houston, Baton Rouge  
> and New
> Orleans," said Omeish, adding that medical teams organized with MAS  
> members
> were arriving from Boston and Tampa Bay as well.
> "We would like to thank MAS, the Freedom Foundation, and Islamic  
> Relief for
> this initiative," said Congresswoman Lee.
> "We need to ask the government where they were," she added. "The  
> interfaith
> community was there."
> Rabbi Jack Moline of the Interfaith Alliance, commented, "I am always
> impressed with the good works of the Muslim American Society as they
> contribute to the cause of caring and interfaith cooperation in this
> country."
> Speaking to the needs of people in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and
> Alabama, Moline said, "When a human being stands on the precipice  
> of death,
> the responsibility of any person of real faith is to snatch that  
> person back
> from the brink.
> "It doesn't matter his religion. It doesn't matter his politics. It  
> doesn't
> matter his race," said Moline. "A community with faithful  
> leadership need
> not worry that they will be abandoned in their hour of need."
> On September 11, MAS is leading a "Muslim Help Day", and will be
> distributing food and other aid to those presently housed in the  
> Astrodome
> at the Houston Convention Center.
> The Muslim American Society is America's largest grassroots Muslim
> organizations with 50 chapters nationwide.
> Islamic Relief USA is a recognized United Nations NGO and a member  
> of the
> U.N. Economic and Social Council. It has offices in 30 countries  
> and has
> experience in responding to human and natural catastrophes.
> Reverend Robert Maddox of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan
> Washington, Bishop James Dixon of the Healing Hands Coalition Houston,
> Younoos Latheef from MAS Houston and Rajbir Singh Datta of the Sikh  
> American
> Legal Defence and Education Fund, were also present at the donation
> announcement.
> ==========================================================
> The Freedom Foundation is the public affairs arm of the Muslim  
> American
> Society (MAS), a national grassroots religious, social, and  
> educational
> organization. MAS is America's largest grassroots Muslim  
> organization with
> over 50 chapters nationwide. Learn more at www.masnet.org. Support  
> our work
> at MAS Freedom Foundation. Make A Donation:
> http://www.masnet.org/donate.asp.
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