[IMC-Boston-Dispatch] 10/01: Bail Out Main St, Not Wall St Rallies!

Sofia JarrinT sofiajt at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 30 12:28:52 PDT 2008

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Subject: Please Forward! Bail Out Main St, Not Wall St Rallies!

Bail Out Main St!  
Money for
    * Jobs
    * Education
    * Housing
    * Healthcare
    * Pensions 

Not for
    * Yachts
    * Private Jets
    * Golden Parachutes
    * Prep Schools! 

Bail Out Main Street,  Not Wall St!
Join Jobs with Justice for a National Day of Action 

Thank Congressmen Lynch, Tierney, and Delahunt
for voting NO on bailing out Wall St and YES to protecting Main St.

When: Wednesday, October 1st 4PM 
Where: Government Center T Stop, Boston 

For more info, visit www.massjwj.netor
email jwj at massjwj.net.    


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