[IMC-Boston-Dispatch] 01/31: Bank of America Protest/Campaign for Economic Justice

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Sat Jan 24 10:46:34 PST 2009

Campaign for Economic Justice
Dorchesterand Other BostonResidents:
Stand Up! Speak Out! Picket! Rally!

                                                                              Demonstrate against Bank of Americaand Corporate Greed
                                                                        Sat, Jan 31st, Noon@ Corner of Columbia Rd.and Dorchester Ave.
Saturday, January 31st at noon demonstrate your anger against the bailouts, foreclosures and high prices with your neighbors. We will visit Bank of America and other local landmarks that contribute to making life harder for working people.

                                                                                               Where’s the bailout for the working class?

We say:

Quality, Affordable Homes: No homes should be foreclosed by big banks in 2009. Abandoned properties should be turned into construction projects for good jobs, new homes and community centers. There should be a cap put on rent so that everyone can afford a home. Good housing should be a right, not a privilege.

No Budget Cuts: The proposed cuts to healthcare and other social services will disproportionately affect people in Dorchester. With already under-funded schools and rising tuition costs, the politicians want to cut over $12 million from education. With health care costs forcing people into bankruptcy, the rich politicians are trying to cut well over $50 million from the Commonwealth’s health system. While the big banks get bailouts and tax loopholes, there is a proposed $2 million cut to public housing.

Tax the Rich and End the War: The money is there to improve our social services. Trillions (that’s right: trillions!) of dollars are being wasted on bailouts for the big companies that created this crisis while the rest of us are expected to suffer for it. Again, over a trillion dollars is being wasted on the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fund human needs, not War and Wall Street!

Struggle Can Win! Human blockades organized by City Life/Vida Urbana have stopped home foreclosures in Dorchester. From the labor movement to the civil rights movement, history shows that ordinary working people and youth have the power to change society if we stand up, speak out, get organized and fight for a better future!

Saturday, January 31st: We will be standing out on the corner of Columbia Road and Dorchester Avenue beginning at 12pm. We will share stories, share ideas and organize to fight back! We will picket nearby big businesses who are trying to make us pay for their crisis.
The Campaign for Economic Justice
campaign4econonicjustice at gmail.com
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