[IMC-Boston-Editorial] October 10: Gen Mtg Minutes

Sofia JarrinT sofiajt at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 07:04:39 PDT 2006

Jonathan, I-Hsien, Sofia, and a happy bamboo plant 

- I-Hsien asked about the main goals of the IMC Radical Film Festival and we agreed that: 1) is to inform people, 2) to fundraise for Indymedia. A question was raised about movie rights: as long as we ask for donations only instead of requiring people to pay, we should be ok with movie rights.

- LOCATION: We still  haven't settled on a location for the Festival. I made tentative reservations at the Democracy Center for Nov 4-5, but we think that having it out of Cambridge might be a good idea. Encuentro 5 does not have an ideal location, but it is a very nice space. Sofe was going to contact them. Please let us know if you have any ideas on this or if want to take the initiative. MIT or Roxbury College?

- SUBJECT: Jonathan proposed that we go through some subject-selection process so that we don't miss some important issues.  The movies will be shown randomly, though.  Some proposed subjects included: Africa, Palestine, racism, feminism, media criticism, corporate accountability, activism, etc...  Also, we decided to make sure to show movies with some humor (ie, McLibel, the Yes Men) and positive examples so that people don't leave the festival bummed and depressed.

- LIST OF MOVIES: We brainstormed on a list of movies that I'll circulate tomorrow (forgot my notes @ home).  We can make a collective selection on the 15-20 movies to show on Monday @ the meeting.

- SCHEDULE: We've proposed a schedule of 12:00-8:00 pm for each day.

- VIDEO WKSHOP: Might be too much for this time around...  Interest? I promised to give sharpie a call, though, to see if he'd be interested in showing some of his Alive in Baghdad videos and/or speak.

I think that's it...


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