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sharpie at riseup.net sharpie at riseup.net
Wed Mar 16 10:16:58 PST 2005

Hey there folks! so yeah, I would like some help with the skillshare.

I guess i must have mentioned that in the email that got lost somewhere in
the ether.

So the story is this, April 16-17th is the Boston Skillshare
(www.bostonskillshare.org) and I think the indymedia should have a
presence there teaching people about the basics of media production. I'm
going to try, to the best of my ability, to teach at least a few folks how
to produce video. ideally day 1 will be production and day 2 will be
post-production. i'm not sure i can fit all this in though.

I have one camera and i'll be able to borrow at least one camera and
laptop from SCAT. however if there are other folks in he collective who
want to learn, or lend equipment, or lend equipment and time to help out
in teaching all of this would be great. i need to know by saturday though
as i have to send in a proposal by saturday evening.

if you have more questions please give me a call or drop me a line over

ps i dont have most of your numbers, and i dont want to put mine on an
archived list so if you just want to exchange send me an email as well!

> Hi Sharpie and everyone,
> Oh, too bad the 29th is bad for you! I think we should keep that date
> for now, though, because several people at the meeting said they could
> come for sure and they agreed to share with the group info about
> projects/video/radio stuff they are working on. I'm looking forward to
> hearing about everyone's projects.
> I haven't had a spare moment to write up the meeting notes yet, but I
> will sometime soon. I also need to write notes for the Tech meeting
> that happened on the weekend. (too much going on!)
> At the meeting we talked about the idea of meeting twice a month,
> keeping the 2nd Monday of the month that we already booked rooms at MIT
> for and then adding a 2nd meeting on a different night, as needed. So
> next time, let's be sure to get a day you can come.
> thanks!
> Nicole
> p.s. Sharpie, I told people you wanted help with the SkillShare
> thing... but I didn't have the specifics... maybe you could post to the
> lists?
> On Mar 15, 2005, at 4:51 PM, sharpie at riseup.net wrote:
>> thanks for the response petrina.
>> As for the 29th at 7pm... I'm not sure I can make that-I'm sorry I
>> tried
>> to post an email o the list but riseup crashed on me and i guess it
>> never
>> went out. so i wrote again which is the message you responded to that i
>> believe i will be out of town until the 29th. it really depends how
>> late i
>> need to work until on the 29th whether or not i can make the meeting. i
>> will try, but its going to be difficult at best.
>> waiting to see the meeting notes...
>> peace
>> sharpie
>>> hey sharpie, sorry i haven't posted anything about the
>>> meeting last night yet but it was great! we scheduled
>>> another meeting for march 29th 7pm at m.i.t.
>>> nicole will get us a room (yay!) and she will post
>>> info.
>>> her presentation was great on RSS and we had a couple
>>> of new people which was fabulous and i got to meet
>>> tiffany finally and i was happy to see everyone.
>>> nicole took some notes i think and said she would post
>>> something soon as far as minutes go.
>>> if anyone else could/would write in about how the
>>> meeting went and what we talked about that would be
>>> great, i am at work right now and have to get some
>>> stuff done...
>>> ttyl ! petrina
>>> ps i'm cc'ing the radio group b/c we met together and
>>> are meeting together again on the 29th.
>>> --- sharpie at riseup.net wrote:
>>>> Hey folks, so how was the video meeting? I haven't
>>>> heard anything yet so i
>>>> wanted to check in. i dont appear to be getting
>>>> video digests regularly as
>>>> i just got a digest from the video list that
>>>> contained messages from
>>>> monday.
>>>> Anyhow, I'd like very much to get involved with the
>>>> group, but i believe
>>>> it will be something next to impossible if meetings
>>>> continue to be held on
>>>> monday evenings. as well, there are many things
>>>> coming up to be taped and
>>>> covered in the near future, as well as whether we
>>>> are interested in
>>>> producing a show for SCAT and other stations.
>>>> I'd like it very much if some folks wanted to get
>>>> together to meet again
>>>> either before Tuesday the 22nd or after Tuesday the
>>>> 29th, but hopefully
>>>> soon after that if it has to be after.
>>>> I think is really important though, if possible, to
>>>> coordinate around the
>>>> march 20th events that will be taking place in
>>>> Boston.
>>>> please write back to me if you are interested in
>>>> getting together and
>>>> strategizing about how to encourage more producers
>>>> to join th group and
>>>> how to train new people who might want to work with
>>>> us but feel that they
>>>> lack the skills.
>>>> also when can people meet again? I would like to
>>>> propose that we consider
>>>> meeting more often and on alternating days i.e.
>>>> every 2nd monday and every
>>>> 4th saturday...
>>>> peace
>>>> sharpie
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