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Argentina Indymedia Filmscreening
    WHEN: Saturday, September 2nd, 4:00 pm 
    WHERE: Democracy Center, 45 Mt. Auburn Street, Harvard Square
  Indymedia presents “i” a feature-length documentary produced  by  Raphael Lyon and Andres Ingoglia of Indymedia Argentina. “i” is a   meditation on the relationship between media and power as it is   manifested by the worlds largest all volunteer network of media   activists — Indymedia. The is 83-minute documentary follows the  first  year of a small collective in Buenos Aires as it struggles  amidst  assassinations, a collapsing economy, and a whirlwind of  political  upheaval.
    According to Naomi Klein, “i" “positively vibrates with the  energy and  creativity of the movement it documents. Beautiful,  intellectual,  riotous, it fits in no box (and no blurb)—just see  it!”
    Produced and directed by independent filmmakers Raphael Lyon and  Andres  Ingoglia, “i” builds on a documentary short they made  about Argentina  called Eye of the Storm. “i” focuses in on the  particular role that  role that grassroots media production played  during this time of crisis  and upheaval. The film’s structure and  production are also an  embodiment of this media model: Footage  was shot with mostly consumer  equipment, includes clips from many  grassroots reports including  several produced out of the NYC  Independent Media Center, and much of  the editing work took place  at the NYC-IMC.
    Lyon and Ingoglia will attend this special tour engagement, and  they  extend a special invitation to independent media makers and  activists  to stay afterward for a discussion of the film and its  distribution  strategy. We are interested in engaging students,  community activists,  and independent media-makers in conversation  about the role of local  identity, communication, and  network-building in today’s social  movements.
    For more information or to view a trailer, visit: www.ithefilm.com
    Press inquiries, contact Amy Dalton at 267-974-0624
    Local Contact: Sofia Jarrin at 617-803-7496
    To book a screening and/or speaking engagement, contact Jen Angel 
    at jenangel at riseup.net, 419-410-7745.
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