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CCTV Reportback - 7/19

Today was the second IMC meeting with Susan Fleischman for CCTV Trainers. John Grebe, Chagmion Antoine and myself met with Susan Fleischman to discuss IMC access at CCTV during the DNC. There were several changes that were made to our original agreement with CCTV because of funding problems that they have encountered, and because of Democracy Now! access issues.

Our space has been cut back because of DN!'s studio needs. We have full use of the Media Transfer/Dubbing room, access to the 2 "public" kiosks around the corner, and limited access from 1pm-7am in the small conference room at the corner of the building. We also have limited access to the single-camera "Be Live" studio at any time except 4:30pm-9pm.

The space will open for the IMC to start work at 1pm on Saturday July 24th. It will take us an hour or two to get situated, but we'll have Boston Social Forum footage and other data to start editing immediately! Mark your calendars! And, because of funding problems, CCTV is only able to offer us approximately 20 minutes each day for an IMC television show for uplink to Free Speech Television. Our 1-2 minute protest "segments" will be included in that 20 minutes.

At the last meeting Susan asked for the IMC to draft a set of rules for our use of space. Those rules are posted at the end of this message. CCTV has also provided us with "Facility Instructions" for both the IMC and DN! during the week. These instructions are also posted at the end of this message.

There is another Trainer meeting for those individuals who have volunteered to help staff the CCTV space during next week's DNC project! This is not the only trainging that you can receive in this space - the folks who receive this traning should be able to help set-up the space on Saturday and will be able to train new Video folks who arrive from out of town starting Saturday and Sunday. 

Space is limited to 7 individuals at this training! Sharpie and Tiffany have already reserved spots. Matt Underwood and Marjy have also expressed interest in attending the next training. Please rsvp if you want to attend the meeting so that we can squeeze you in! The next orientation/training will be on:

Wednesday July 28th, 1:30pm
w/ Sean, Program Coordinator @ CCTV
RSVP to reserve a spot!

Again, there WILL be additional trainings after this time. We just want to help orient local IMC folks before the rest of the IMC world decends on CCTV to edit to their hearts content.

More on Boston Social Forum coverage & scheduling access at CCTV soon!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Facility Instructions for DN! and IMC

There will be a great deal of traffic through the facility during the DNC. In addition to IMC and DN!, CCTV members will be coming and goind as well. Following are a few instructions to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible.

Susan's Cell phone number is: 
If there are any problems whatsoever, call Susan!

CCTV staffs the front desk from noon until 9pm. From 9am until noon people may come in for business - please call a staff person to deal with anyone who is not part of the IMC! At all other times ONLY IMC people with press badges and DN! crew should be let in.

IMC will have one set of keys to the two front doors and the Media Transfer room; DN! will have one set of keys to the two front doors, Master Control, the Studio, computer lab, and edit rooms. Please do not leave rooms open when you are not using them! Please do not make copies of the keys!

The following rooms are off limits to everyone: staff offices, cablecast, BeLive studio, field equipment closet, archive closet, electrical closet.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Cambridge Community Television Rules

The Boston Independent Media Center (IMC) has signed a contract with Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) stating that Boston IMC is responsible for both the space and the equipment therein that CCTV has generously given to us to use during the Democratic National Convention. This space is limited to the Media Transfer Station, the public kiosk computers (2), and work stations in the computer lab on an as-available basis. We ask that all volunteers working with Boston IMC follow these rules that CCTV and the Boston IMC have decided upon to maintain our excellent relationship with CCTV, to show thanks for donating these resources to IMC volunteers, and to engage other groups in a responsible and respectful manner. 

* Boston IMC may assign several volunteers to work at CCTV, however no more than seven volunteers are allowed within the designated Boston IMC space at CCTV at any time. 

* Boston IMC volunteers shall keep their press passes visible at all times, especially when entering the CCTV building to facilitate with security. A Boston IMCDNC issued press pass with photo ID are required to enter the CCTV space. 

* Boston IMC volunteers shall adhere to all of the rules and regulations agreed upon as an official IMC Press Pass holders including the general IMC Principles of Unity. 

* CCTV equipment will not be altered in any way while the IMC uses their space (no reorganizing computer files, re-patching dubbing bay, moving desks or equipment from original location). 

* Many groups other than the IMC will utilize CCTV's facilities during DNC week. Due to space demands, IMC press pass holders are asked to leave CCTV after they are finished conducting their business. 

* Whenever possible, please credit Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) for use of facilities. 

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