[Boston-video] a favor and some answers about our work

tiffany dumont tangle7 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 27 11:25:41 PDT 2004

greetins video activists!

Thanks everybody who has been working hard over at the
CCTV space and in the streets!

And anyone who is doing PRINT or AUDIO and wants to
collaborate with a video person, during interviews for
example, please send us a word.. Then we can get more
quality interviews to have the visual documentation
included to be put on our show.

For folks who dont know:
We have a 20 min. slot for cambridge community access
every day during the convention and we have been
collaborating on works the past 2 days.
Things have been a little crazy over there, so i just
thought we might want to clarify what's going on...  

We have a deadline at 12am to give our finished piece
to cctv.. We have been told we can have a little
leeway with that, but the past 2 nights we haven't
finished the piece till the sun was rising and this
means we're keeping the cctv coordinator up to kindly
include us in their segments they donated to us.
While some of this had to do with technical problems
with the equipment that cctv said we had access to, it
was close to impossible to have anything done by
Now we have a better idea for the space's capabilities
and who we're working with, so hopefuly things will
run smoother in the next few days.  
We have a small editing space and it became very
cramped with just 4 people and 2 systems to work on
and we have the hallway space with 2 computers, one
with final cut, and another with imovie.   There was 3
of us out there. So we were collecting footage from
all over the place under tight time pressures and
minor technical issues.    It was helpful to have
people bringing in their own equipment, like the
cameras and laptop with ample space, where we ended up
editing the final piece together on  last night.  
We had some expert final cutters come in at 10pm who
essentially saved us with their zippy editing and kind
collaborative vibes.  We all got to know each other
very quickly and managed to produce something out of
all the pressure.

Please bring food and water and badges.

We also noticed a lot of us had similar footage and
because we all didnt know each other pre-march we 
didnt realize we were working on top of each other.

I'm suggesting we send ideas out to this list for
segments pre-segmenting, or just where we think we
might be shooting video.

If people shoot stuff and arent editing but want their
video to be part of the show, we need good logging
notes that include titles for tapes, beginning and
ending timecodes and descriptions of what it is.. And
please be very selective in this process as we are
getting tons of video and only have 20 min.  for a
show.  It would even be cool if these people want to
stick around for a bit to see what everyone else is
working on and how their video might work into the

People can leave tapes at cctv OR at the convergence
space at the community church.. We will make a box for
the space where tapes can be dropped off and we should
have an imc volunteer let us know if there are tapes
that need to be sent over if they cant get them over

We should maybe enable the dispatch list, if we find
something especially interesting that isnt part of the
known schedule.

It would be nice to get more than the less typical
protest footage pieces into our 20 min. show.

ie:  I want to do a longer segment on the Eyes Wide
Open exhibit and want to do some personal interviews
but i dont have good audio on my camera and am looking
for a camera to use my mic with.  So if anyone wants
to help me, please send me word!!

Ok ok.. That's all for now.  If anyone wants to add to
this please do.

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