[Boston-video] What are the Next Steps for the Show?

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Tue Aug 16 13:12:21 PDT 2005


Hello my friends,
We are making progress, but I feel stuck.
I promised to help coordinate volunteers for the show.  In order to do  this, 
its important to start building lists.  The first list is people and  I'm 
stuck in the mud of making that list.  Thank you so much Gary for the  following 
I had no idea and still plead ignorant to the communication structure  within 
our video lists and our Indymedia as a whole.  This communication  structure 
is key.  This email was sent out to the video list and to a few  others who 
may or may not be on it.  Please forgive the double email.   This is another 
challenge to figure out.
Once I have a list of people who are working on the program or who want to  
help out, then I can help coordinate who will show up on what night.  It  may 
help us sort out our general list as well.  For those who are  currently 
volunteering, I have very few of your personal phone  numbers.  With name, phone 
number, and email, we can  compile a contact list. For coordination and for those 
willing,  we  can share that contact information among us.  In my opinion, 
this list of  personal phone numbers should not be posted publicly unless 
someone gives  permission.  But I need phone numbers, folks, if you want me to do 
this  in an efficient manner.    I'd like to start plugging in the  next month 
for all of us, new volunteers, and post that calendar on our video  list.  Does 
that sound all right?
Another list we need to complete is tasks.  A list of roles for  producing 
the program.  A list of things to do for making the program  better (see meeting 
notes)  and even a list of purposes that different  folks have.  This could 
include maximizing the podcast and audio  potential of our programs.
For me to help with coordinating volunteers, I need a list of roles we  agree 
on and a list of the training necessary for volunteering.  This is  what I 
have from discussions and meeting notes:
Show  Producers:                            All
Video  Editing:                                 Marjy,  Sharpie, Tim
Guest  Scheduler:                            Michael
Headline  Writers:                            Svea,  Mike, and Sofia
Hosts                                              Sophia
Record, archive, and  distribution       Sharpie, Others?
Live Call-in phone  screeners:            Michael,  Marjy, Others?
Technicians:                                   All
                                                     Trainers:  Sharpie, Marjy
Volunteer  Coordinator                       Andrew
The trainings for volunteers seem to start with the following in  priority:  
    1)  Live Call-in Phone Screeners
    2)  Technical Assistance and 
    3)  Hot Set operations
>From what I'm hearing, number #1 should be the first  priority?  Who will 
train them and how do I guide new volunteers to  begin?  We have a one page hot 
set training piece written out, perhaps we  can build on that?
As for guest scheduling, a draft outline of general subjects for  
consideration was sent to Michael and the rest of you.  Thank you Michael,  you've been 
great.  Thanks to you and Sophia for taking notes of meetings  and sending them 
Regarding the last meeting at SCAT.  I'm sorry about my  facilitation.  It 
could of been a lot better.  I wasn't in the  mindset, didn't feel prepared, and 
the agenda wasn't structured.  Without a  planned agenda, I wouldn't feel 
comfortable facilitating again. 
Going out of town tommorrow and won't be back until next  Tuesday.  Wish some 
more of you would speak up, at least about the name  for the show.  
Sorry I missed the ones below.  I like both "Indy News" and  "Independent 
News" for names as well and I'm confused with the "iTV"  thing.  My concern is 
about how the name would sound  when we're talking about it on the air.  Is it 
catchy, make sense to most  people, and what kind of message does it send?  
"Good evening and  welcome to ......................"
Indy News 
Independent News
iTV: Media in your Community
That's it and hope you all are well.  
In Solidarity,
Ps.  Even frogs get stuck in the mud.  Ribbit

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