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Jue Abr 7 10:24:14 PDT 2011

Aqui esta la otra respuesta de Alias:

Well, lets hope this collective get's some work done after
one-and-a-half-year without almost no production. Here is my single-person
production in the same time, partly done for this collective, but mostly
no response, a lot of ignorance and no cooperation neither feedback at

... and so on, like many articles; where are all the articles of you
people? I've seen only one.

Then I had to remember the collective that there was a very good offer for
a free VPS (an offer that came after MY input) and the collective didn't
respond the first time to. Well, that's their server now. So that I
haven't done anything positive for the collective, is a blunt fabrication.

They are very good in criticizing who they apparently don't want within
their inner circle and doesn't talk sweet words of honey.

Then a lot of twist-deceptions like things never happened.

* I was creating my site mi-cr.org and put some example articles from
other indymedias on that site as well as these banners I made as examples
for the group to follow-upon:
I clearly asked in a mail to the group to copy them and have a look and
feedback, so I could take them from my site mi-cr.org. But no response and
I kept waiting for that confirmation. In the mean time I started articles
about our personal situation. The feedback came, but only about the
disgust that I had stolen the name "Indymedia Costa Rica". I immediately
removed the banners.

* Pepperspray is allowed in Costa Rica and even in the center of San Jose,
there are working people walking with machetes. It's an activist shame to
publish openly about safety precautions of fellow activists. The
pepperspray might have saved my girlfriends life one time because the
attacker who tried to throw her in a car, didn't know she had. My
girlfriend is attacked two times with guns, two times with machete, one
time with a rambo knife (all seem to had to do with the family of her
former kidnapper of her 5 year period of slavery). She almost lost two
fingers in one of those attacks and now is handicapped on both hands so
she can never do her former work again, as the other hand is molested by
the San Jose municipal police. All these primitive measures of defense
only work by surprise if an attacker has a gun, publishing about them
endangers the persons in question.

* some more points, but I don't have to respond to all mentioned

And yes, we had to flee Costa Rica, lost our house, our children, our car,
our little restaurant /soda with follow-up of juice production and
trademark. Strange that someone is stressed because of that, while having
some false accusations and OIJ (Costa Rican FBI) trying to enter our house
because a doctor made a false accusation that I had poisoned my girlfriend
(later there turned out to be no base for that). My girlfriend had 4
suicide attempts because of her woman/slave trade history and abuse by
Costa Rica (INAMU/PANI/Roble Alto) & international organizations
(OIM/UNHCR) instead of helping her. I'm very sorry that I was stressed in
some writings and should have reacted more stable after some commandos
tried to kidnap my girlfriend.

Yes of-course; paranoid schizophrenic and/or fabricating stories. Well,
most came from my girlfriend who you talked to. You didn't believe her and
didn't want to investigate, like appr. 200 pages she has of her case. Your
German activist boyfriend who also leads the group, told you when you was
with my girlfriend, that this was not for the collective and didn't want
this to be investigated, but yes to be stigmatized.

Thanks for the gossips among you and German activists that might have been
noticed by (German) intelligence. On arrival in Frankfurt for a stopover
to Amsterdam, she was put on a terrorist list as they thought she was
fabricating stories and falsifying all those papers, while creating an
international scandal. Wonder where they got those absurd ideas.

I'm very curious who insinuated that the stories were fabrications and why
these people were considered to be specialists and have studied the cases?
Were they of the governments woman org INAMU, or from UN/UNHCR related
activists, while UNHCR does nothing for refugees and immigrants who Costa
Rica steels their children and puts in prison when they sell goods on the
streets of San Jose to survive?

Some other pros continued on our story, here it is:

Advice: read well until the end

Here a legal file against the Israeli and Mexican wannabe kidnappers of my
girlfriend, that you could have seen as one of the many papers she had
with her when she still was in Costa Rica:

More articles about our nasty experiences in Costa Rica, one can find in
the article section of http://wi-ca.org
And sorry, they are very personal and often should need to be rewritten
and shaved up a bit. At questions to make some of these articles and
researches about Costa Rican affairs together, never came an answer.

You also want to know who I am and what I did before? Here only minor
other data of what I wrote:

http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2004/02/16907.shtml (one of the first reporting
about Oaxaca)



http://wikiresear.ch/Logfile_Mexico (MM and clearxs2 is me)

= = = = = = =

For the CR collective; maybe focus more on a little production first?
Forget about the shit, we can see ourselves as victimized by this
collective and shout for revenge, but the only future objective is ***just
get to work***.

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