[Cmi-lapaz] COHA Report: State Department Looking for a Fight in which it Might get a Black Eye

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Mar Mayo 16 13:29:14 PDT 2006

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        Analysis prepared by the COHA Staff<BR>
		Wednesday, May 17, 2006</FONT></I><b><i>
          &nbsp;</i></b>        </P>
      <font face="Arial, Arial Black">In yet another blow to the credibility
      of one of its annually released “certification” reports on the performance
      of other nations on some broad social or political issue – this time on
      the degree of cooperation in the anti-terrorism struggle – the State Department
      in its 2006 compilation included Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism,
      and accused Venezuela of a high degree of non-cooperation. The decades-old
      and always sketchy evidence involving the Castro regime in alleged terrorist
      activity has been used to buttress Washington’s crusade against Havana.
      As for the spurious nature of its case against Ch&aacute;vez, this has
      caused a number of area specialists to dismiss Washington’s claims as disgraceful
      inventions that are totally devoid of substance or integrity.</font>
      <P align=right><FONT face=Arial><I><B>
		<a href="http://www.coha.org/NEW_PRESS_RELEASES/New_Press_Releases_2006/COHA%20Report/COHA_Report_06.10_Venezuela_Terrorism_Arms_Sanctions.html">Full

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