[cmi-marseille] sf-active needs you ! développement collaboratif de sf-active : phase de test

fab2mars at no-log.org fab2mars at no-log.org
Mer 18 Jan 13:43:31 PST 2006

je transmets pour ceux qui l'ont pas vu ce message paru sur la liste
imc-tech. C'est un appel à participation pour tester la nouvelle version
de sf-active (bug dans fonctionnement et surtout failles de sécurité).
à plus,

[IMC-Tech] testers for sf-active needed
Pseudo Punk bart at indymedia.org
Mon Jan 16 08:27:08 PST 2006

Hey everyone,

The SF Active team is working towards a new release and all help towards
this is much needed / appreciated.

there's a public site running the current cvs version at:

Things that need to be tested:
* normal functioning of the site / admin
* security (xss and so)

If you want to test the admin parts, feel free to contact us or drop by at
#sf-active in irc. (irc.indymedia.org)

It would be cool if people can play with it and submit all bugs at:
wishlist bugs/ feature requests should go to:



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