[cmi-marseille] Harry the Barracuda The seller page also allows the user to upload an image from the desktop to the Java Pet Store server, where other users can view it.

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Drop a Data Table from the Standard section of the Palette on to a page in the Design window.
setObject(1,  personDataProvider. A portlet that wants to maintain state across repeated render requests must use the session bean to store stateful information.
Use the Message component in the Basic section of the Components Palette instead.
This is a common Ajax UI use case.
Here, Ajax allows the user to easily navigate through various pet subcategories.
0 reference application. Session Bean The session bean is created in the session scope and is used for managing data at the session level. (Currently, it is best to use Firefox when working with this component because of problems displaying the toolbar correctly in Internet Explorer and the Safari browser.
0 reference application using Web 2.
Figure 20 shows the Java Studio Creator 2 application model life cycle overlaid on the JavaServer Faces life cycle when a non-JavaServer Faces request generates a JavaServer Faces response. Long or the Java long  primitive data type. An icon that indicates an error, warning, information, or question and contains a short message. Palette Icon Description Converts string values in your component properties to the java. Unlike a web application page, a portlet page cannot assume that the page to be rendered in the render response phase is the same page built in the restore view phase.
What exactly is Web 2.
Stores the restored or created UIViewRoot in the FacesContext. Let's examine the anatomy of a page bean. Does all component conversions. getPersonId()); dynamically changes the drop down list component's selected value.
An inline image that is specified via a URL.
Compares data in a table against a regular expression. An HTML hyperlink tag used either to create HTML hyperlinks or to submit a form (if an action is present).
0, web sites are becoming user-driven, not owner-driven.
But allowing users to enter content into a web site and making it immediately available to other users raises additional issues. Historically, web sites started as a collection of HTML pages that simply provided information about a company or topic.
Long or the Java long  primitive data type.
Ajax requires a different server-side architecture to support this interaction model.
Notice also the reference to the instance binding of a drop down list (dropDown1) component.
Figure 11 shows a managed bean facility configuration file called managed-beans.
Platforms    For details on supported versions, please refer to the System Requirements.
An input field for selecting a file to be included when the surrounding form is submitted. The page bean contains everything necessary to manage the server-side logic for a web page. This way, the user can fix all the errors at once, instead of fixing one error at a time and then resubmitting the form to see whether any other errors exist. Add a database table to the page. Allowing users to provide content with easy-to-use mechanisms for delivering that content is what makes the Java Pet Store a Web 2.
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