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Thursday 8 October

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For the past few weeks, Nisimazine has been in the 'cidade maravilhosa' reporting on the Festival do Rio.

It's certainly been an amazing ending to NISI MASA's 2009 Europe/Latin America project, what with the "French invasion" in Brazil, some tear-jerking moments, favela visits, and of course the announcement of the Olympics for Rio in 2016!

We hope that our coverage will give at least a small taste of the enormous range of films, special guests, and events we have experienced here.
Big thanks go to our great team of European (Austrian, French, Romanian, Slovak) and Latin American (Peruvian, Bolivian, Brazilian) journalists and translators who took part in the workshop, and of course to our partner the Festival do Rio.

Here are some highlights… you can find all of the results on www.nisimazine.eu!

*Historias Extraordinarias* (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Historias-extraordinarias.html), by Mariano Llinás (Argentina)
*Tiro en la Cabeza* (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Tiro-en-la-Cabeza.htm), by Jaime Rosales (Spain)
*London River* (http://www.nisimazine.eu/London-River.html), by Rachid Bouchareb (UK/France/Algeria)
*The Maid* (http://www.nisimazine.eu/The-Maid.html), by Sebastián Silva (Chile)
*Pandora's Box* (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Pandora-s-Box.html), by Yesim Ustaoglu (Turkey)
*Morrer Como um Homem* (http://www.nisimazine.eu/2-reviews-1-film-Morrer-Como-um.html), by João Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal/France)

Agnès Varda (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Agnes-Varda.html), director of *The Beaches of Agnès* (France)
Marcelo Gomes and Karim Aïnouz (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Marcelo-Gomes-and-Karim-Ainouz.html), directors of *Viajo Porque Preciso, Volto Porque Te Amo* (Brazil)
Paula Hernández (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Paula-Hernandez.html), director of *Lluvia* (Argentina)
Florian Eichinger (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Florian-Eichinger.html), director of *Bergfest* (Germany)
Fernando Solanas (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Fernando-Solanas.html), director of *La próxima estación* and President of the Rio Film Festival 2009 jury

Esmir Filho (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Esmir-Filho.html), director of *The Famous and the Dead* (Brazil)
Sara Silveira (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Sara-Silveira.html), independent producer (Brazil)
Inès Efron (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Ines-Efron.html), actress (Argentina)

*In Focus*
Latin America by Others (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Latin-America-by-others.html)
Pocket Films (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Pocket-Films.html)
The Cult of Astérix (http://www.nisimazine.eu/The-Asterix-Cult.html)
Brazilian Short Films (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Brazilian-Short-Films.html)

*Video Blogs*
Opening ceremony and party (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Rio-Film-Festival-opening-night.html)
Jeanne Moreau visits the Nós do Morro favela (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Jeanne-Moreau-visits-Nos-do-Morro.html) 
An Emotional Screening (http://www.nisimazine.eu/An-Emotional-Screening.html)
Interview with director of *I Am Happy*, Soraya Umekawa (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Talk-with-Soraya-Umewaka-Director.html)

*Photo Gallery* with over 100 images (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Festival-do-Rio-2009.html)

*You can also already download the full issues of Nisimazine Rio in e-book and pdf right here (http://www.nisimasa.com/?q=node/339)!*

Nisimazine Rio is an initiative of NISI MASA - the network of young cinema, in partnership with the Festival do Rio.

NISI MASA, 99 Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, 75010 Paris, FRANCE. Phone: +33 (0)9 60 39 63 38 Email: europe at nisimasa.com. www.nisimasa.com (http://www.nisimasa.com/).

Nisimazine is supported by the "Youth in Action" programme of the European Union.

If you can't see this message, click here (http://www.nisimazine.eu/Nisimazine-Rio.html)

Editor: *Nisimazine (http://www.nisimazine.eu) - all rights reserved.*


Editeur : Nisimazine

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