[Cmi-peru-video] The time has come!

jessjf35 en yahoo.com jessjf35 en yahoo.com
Jue Jul 8 20:51:36 PDT 2010

It's finally "Go Time" dear friends! 

In about 24 hours you will receive an email from us containing
VERY important instructions. If you want to receive this email
for a good reason simply log into the 


and to get the exciting details.  

Starting July 8th the doors open and over 70,000 Pre-Launch
Members will get to lock in their valuable position, and finally
discover the amazing new productline that they will represent
with their new online business! 

We have allocated an entire 7 days for Pre-Launch Members to
secure their position and place their product order before the
program goes live to the world. During this 7 days it will be
important for you to contact everyone you introduced during this
pre-launch and remind them to act fast. 

Tomorrow's email and new information that we will post in the
Members Site will contain a special link just for you. This link
will take you to a secure web site that no one else in the world
knows exists. On this site you will read about the powerful
business, the huge opportunity, the revolutionary products, and

On this web site history will be made dear friends. Tomorrow WILL go in
the record books as the largest pre-launch you or anyone else has
ever witnessed. And just you wait until this business opens up to
the world next week and tens of thousands of additional new
members begin joining under you!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's email and/or updates posted in the
Pre-Launch Members Site. 

This one is going to be BIG!


The PreLaunchInvitation / InvitationToJoin Team

support en prelaunchinvitation.com


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