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Done… i’m an indy facebook developer… if you think i can be of any help…
please count on me.


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Attn. Editorial Staff
Independent Media Center

Dear Editors,

With the country-wide raids on Occupy encampments here in the US, the first
phase (wave) of the Occupy movement is inevitably diminishing. What a
success it has been so far! The next phase, I believe, is upon us; a
regrouping of tactics to prepare for the American Spring of 2012. 

In the meantime, let's stand up and be counted! There's great power in
numbers if the numbers are large enough; just ask the bankers!

Please consider networking the following: a FaceBook page called Occupy
"Cyberspace, bean-count the revolution."
Essentially, it's an opportunity for all of us who resonate with the message
of the Occupy movement (the "99%") to stand up and be counted, LITERALLY. 

Very simple and painless: Click on the link, below, "Like" the page then
network it as you see fit. Help the page go viral, and see where that might
lead. Would you do that? 

Here's to a peaceful evolution.
Peter Holden

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