[Cyp-IMC-turkce] let’s reject the Constitutional Treaty

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Sun Apr 10 02:57:13 PDT 2005


"Together, let’s reject the Constitutional Treaty in
order to make possible the Europe we want
The European Network of Democratic Young Left [1] ,
which gathers left-socialist, green-left and
radical-democratic youth movements, appeals for the
rejection of the "treaty establishing a Constitution
for Europe".

Europe is actually inspired by neoliberal principles.
In each of our states policies reducing employment,
social and democratic rights as well as dismantling
solidarities in the benefit of competition and the
markets are being held. This destructive offensive is
dictated by the current directives and institutions of
the European Union. This treaty wants to
institutionalise neoliberalism.  
We cannot accept the further deregulation of services
in the ultraliberal "Bolkestein directive", which will
lead to the erosion of social and ecological standards
in Europe and will foster social dumping.

Our vision for another Europe is founded on principles
of peace, democracy, social solidarity, full
employment, free circulation of people and universal

  A peaceful Europe in solidarity with all people of
the world, a Europe acting for another possible world.
This means fighting for disarmament and for a peaceful
and political settlement of international conflicts,
without the US hegemony or NATO. 
  A Europe of solidarity. We also want the creation of
a tax for capital movements (Tobin tax) in order to
help poor countries to develop and fight against WTO
policies. A democratic Europe. We want a new charter
of rights for a European citizenship without
discriminations on ethnic origin or colours. 
  A Europe of gender equality. We want an egalitarian
Europe away from any kind of patriarchal violent
dominations which is even stronger through
neoliberalism and war. Women and the rights for
everybody have to be at a central position of Europe. 
  A green Europe. There is a great need for a serious
and extensive environmental policy, which also gives
the states the possibility to go ahead of the European
platform and improve it, without being punished for
  A progressive Europe. To guarantee a future where
everybody has a possibility to live on equal terms,
everybody has to have the right to an education. We
fight for education as a public service without any
interference from private companies.

We invite you to the next European Social Forum in
Athens in April 2006 in order to build this Europe we
want which is possible and more than ever necessary!

[1] France: Mouvement Jeunes Communistes (MJCF);
Catalunya: Joves d’Esquerra Verda-Joves amb Iniciativa
(JEV-JIV); Greece: Neolaia Synapismou (Neolaia SYN);
Germany: Solid’ (Solid’), JungDemokratInnen/Junge
Linke (JD-JL); Turkey: ODP Youth (ODP Youth); Denmark:
Socialistisk Forkeparti Ungdom (SFU); Finland:
vasemmistonuoret (VANU); Norway: Sosialistik Ungdom
(SU); Latvia: SDJO (SDJO)"

The European Network of Democratic Young Left 

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