[Dns-tech] zone file corrections

Bertagaz bertagaz at no-log.org
Mon Dec 26 14:15:37 PST 2005


After a run of dnswalk against insymedia.org domain which reported
something like 170 warnings (mostly chained CNAME or aliases to a dead
server) I've rewrite a bit the zone file. 

Now the only warnings reported are related to the PTR know problem, so 
nothing really awfull. Maybe it will help to speed up the sync of the 
secondaries ns, it sometimes takes a while. Maybe it will help bennu
too, who knows. I've noticed that it is now a little bit quicker to

In fact I fear too  that tsipoor may not support the load of the ns
server. Bind takes really a lot of memory and cpu... Wonder if we could migrate
some of the zone hosted on bennu to that vserver, but I'm not that sure
it would help so much... Maybe the only solution is to replace bennu by
a better machine.


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