[Dns] new dns request for keys.indy

bertagaz bertagaz at no-log.org
Mon Mar 14 23:31:11 PST 2005


I'm bertagaz, from the group that has raised at last new tech
orientation meeting to set up a new keys.indy.

We have found 2 servers that agrees to host that. So we plan (if
possible) to have 2 servers online so that we can have round-robin DNS,
avoiding (or at least having less) down-time. First will be
arkady.indymedia.org (, second one is ahimsa.
As I know most of indymedia's global services are round-robined, I guess
this won't be a problem to you.

Last night we had our first keys' tech meeting where we begin to set up
the first server (arkady). Now that
it is quite up and running (need some more tunning), we'll need
keys.indy domain name to be redirected to that host, so that we can end
the set up.

Thanks by advance

Bertagaz, gpg key: http://ptitcanardnoir.org/bertagaz.asc
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