[Dns] Re: Re: [Imc-cyprus] help for hosting

Petros Evdokas petros at cyprus-org.net
Wed Oct 12 06:47:03 PDT 2005


Can we please enlist your help for repairing our Cyprus IndyMedia website?   
We had been shut down for many months after a triple cracker/ hacker attack in Spring.

We're in the process of transfering to another imc server, the one named Illich, which is operated by the Hamilton imc collective. 

The person helping us with most of the work is John, of Hamilton (cc, above).

As you may know the Cyprus IndyMedia group operates in three languages, each with its own independent imc organization. We'd like your help to set up those branches.

Can you please create these three subdomains for each one of our language groups?
turkce-cyprus.indymedia.org  (turkish)
ellinika-cyprus.indymedia.org  (hellenic/greek)
english-cyprus.indymedia.org  (english)

We would like all those three to point to 
which is Illich. 

Please do not change the other (our main) subdomain we already have registered with you, 
which points to

A few more details about the changes are at our temporary homepage

and more at our Archives, here:

Thank you very much,
cyprus imc volunteer

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