[Dns-tech] Good News From Loterie Romande--+44 702 403 7055-[LR2008]-proceed now...

infoloteriewinner2 at libero.it infoloteriewinner2 at libero.it
Wed Jun 18 02:34:40 PDT 2008

Rue Marterey13,
1002 Lausanne,

reference : LR/19-CH/9642,
batch : LR/07/18


Your email identity has won EUR 1000 000 (One million Euro)in the
Loterie 'Romande draws conducted.No tickets were sold.contact:-

your assigned release manager, Mr.Mac' Grant by his 'e-mail


=*=e'mail: 'mgloteriewin at telkom.net'

for information and release details.

Yours faithfully,
Jean-Pierre Beuret,
Promotions Manager,
!Loterie 'Romande'.

=*=To avoid complications or delay, please quote your refernce and batch
numbers in every correspondence

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