[islip] Is this project dead???

Ilias iliasz at tellas.gr
Fri Feb 25 04:44:10 PST 2005

Here in Greece the ENR was screened before longer films, something like 
a "trailer". That was functional, so the 30 minutes edition was useful 
to us. Every 3 to 4 newsreals we made a DVD compilation and distributed 
it to people. That was working well too.

My opinion is that 4 one-hour editions every year is an interesting 
idea. But i think that the clips should be longer, because 12 or more 5 
minute clips would be crazy for the viewer. We could switch to 10 min 
videos, or even longer, with more background info and a slower pace. We 
had problems when producing our segments to fit in the 5-min limit, and 
that resulted in very fast montage and less background info on the subjects.

This is just an idea, but i think that this way the newsreal could stand 
alone as an informative screening. But even as it is now, i think it is 
worth continuing.

By the way, we will resend the clip for ENR#16, to the "safe" address 
Mick sent. We understand, because we had similar problems with ENR#14 :-(

ILias from Kinimatografos

Mick Fuzz wrote:

>also - 
>I was also wondering how may people actually use it as
>an "edition" which they show from beginning to end. 
>If this is not huge then we could reduce the
>frequency, and increase the time. 
>Perhaps one hour every quarter of a year. 
>And also now that DVD burners are more common,
>releasing it on DVD, making sure that the contributers
>are aware of that. 
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