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"AFTERSHOCK: is a brave and powerful account of the tens of thousands who were in Washington on Inauguration Day to stand as citizens, to speak for their democracy, to give witness to their resistance to the lies and betrayals of the Administration".
Celeste Zappala, Co Founder of the Gold Star Families For Peace

"It's great!  Especially good for people who have not been in the street or who are intimidated by the idea of publicly protesting.  We know it will be a big hit in our Naples For Peace film series.  Thanks again for your excellent film!"     Robert Rodriguez,  Veterans For Peace

"I must admit that I was a bit skeptical from the packaging.  Another documentary about Bush?  But I stand corrected.  So much of of the footage was deeply emotionally impacting that I felt weak, strong, or cried.  I think your film succeeds on many levels."          
Joe Biel of Microcosmpublishing

Hi There!

Check out our documentary at www.aftershockthemovie.com<about:blank> and let us know if you are interested in facilitating a screening, maybe to kick off events commemorating the third anniversary of our invasion of Iraq.  We have numerous screenings across the country scheduled this month and next including one in upstate NY hosted by The Sanctuary For Independent Media http://hm.indymedia.org/newswire/display/11449/index.php<about:blank>    While this film is our contribution to the movement, we are using the sales of "AFTERSHOCK" to finance our current production "Across The Great Divide" so are requesting a donation of $25 if possible.  Please pass this on to any and all who may be interested.  

It's not just a film, it's a call to action!

Anne C. Derwent, Co Producer
AFTERSHOCK: American Voices
Sunburnt Studio
PO Box 49346
Sarasota, FL  34230
T  941.366.5897  
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