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NewsReal discussion
Summary of points of view by trojan tv, mick fuzz and kinimatografos end of may 2006

what is good
- concept ‚videomagazine‘: the single clips belong together
- up-to-date-account of recent local actions
- screenings in front of a lot of people (not only download by one person) - discussion possible; inform, motivate, activate
- with translation it‘s possible to reach a greater public (international)
- open posting - very democratic charakter
- thematic compilations possible

what is bad
- not enough submissions
- producers of single clips don‘t want to make a transcript and even not an english translation of it
- stagnation: more than half a year up to one year without a new edition
- understandable only for a certain circle of activists (because of 5 min limit of segments – no background information given - and also because of imagery)
- open posting - less quality possible (technical and in content)
- difficult to find translators in new countries

ideas to improve by trojan tv and mick fuzz
- make a pause and a relaunch
- online contribution
- online distribution
- multilingual dvd distribution: upload original language file, include (translated) subtitle files
- not automatically translate every clip into every language (reality now is translation in english, german, greek - and maybe russian?)
- change of name: indymedia NewsReal Europe (mick); against indymedia project (kinimatografos), in Germany the NewsReal is also known as indymedia videomagazine (maybe announced by local screeners in this way, as colloquial language)

ideas from kinimatografos
- keep on going with the NewsReal
- keep the online version
- keep the videomag form
- multilingual dvd too much work for producer
- extensive call for submissions (when there are more submissions there is the possibility to chose – BUT: this is contradictory to the open posting-character)
- open-up the project with screenings, thematic compilations (last one only as special issues)

discussion needed on following topics
- how can the circle of people/videogroups who produce the NewsReal can be enlarged?
- how can the NewsReal get more submissions?
- open posting-concept versus editorial selection of submissions
- how can the translation process be guaranteed (proposal: when using the internet for distribution, translators can upload their subtitle file to the original language file, then it‘s not more work for the producing group)

Essentially for us is that there are a lot of videos and also a lot of video producers, see http://video.indymedia.org. which possibilities of a new form of networking are there, which can include the possibilities and openness of a platform for publishing, and have also the form and obligation / binding character of a videomagazine? how can the binding character of a video magazine can be guaranteed, when it exist only online?

trojan tv is part of Organic Chaos Network


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