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Mick Fuzz mickfuzz at rocketmail.com
Wed Nov 7 02:24:29 PST 2007

I think one thing that does come from looking at
activistvideo.net as a vehicle for Indymedia video is 
not just the technological aspects of this debate but
the interpersonal, financial and organisational issues

I'm just wondering what is the reason for the  the
stalling of the video.indymedia.org rebirth process.
Is it a lack of shared vision on technology, or is it
for other reason not just discussed on the imc-video

Anyway I wasn't about on the imc-video ist in the
summer but just read the archives the discussions for
using either plone or drupal for a new site at

Personally, I don't see a value of encouraging people
posting video on indymedia to switch to a non open
source video solution like ActivistVideo.net - 
But ideally they should be able to incorporate video
coming from the indymedia network via it's Video

Currently we don't really have a good solution for
creating or maintaining well categorised Video Feeds
for organisations like activistvideo.net. 

I still think that we are in a good position to create
a video.indymedia.org site with open software which
achieves what we want it to achieve. 

I wanted to do something that would be helpful to get
us started in this direction again. 
So i've tried to break down in to stages some of the
ideas that have been going around. 

I reckon the stages would be something like this
listed in no particular order.

* roughly identify who can put time into the project,
what they are prepared to do and how much time they

* work on a technology to pick up / aggregate on the
video feeds and allow searching of them. This might be
an adaption of the drupal agregation modules, or it
might even be easier to code this from scratch. We
have some experience with this on the
http://ifiwatch.clearerchannel.org site. 

* A IM / Transmission distribution of Miro video
podcast player . This would serve the same function as
the above website in that you could search across the
different videos available in video feeds of the

* promote this new search and distribution tools and
help video indymedia and video collectives get their
feeds into a suitable format, via good documentation
adn working hand in hand. 

* work out a video uploading and distribution
technology, where videos can be uploaded  or linked to
from video.indymedia.org.

Current suggestions are plone / plumi.org, drupal (
film forge project). 

Maybe a minimal set of requirements would help get
this part of the project moving, specifically. 
>> being able to upload a file and have it available
for download and transcoded to a streaming format
>> creating Media RSS feeds based on the producers and
the subject matter (keywords / categories) 


I feel that this video upload technology doesn't
necessarily need to be the same technology as that
used for the aggregation and network search

There are other good tools which are planned too like
and plans for a video uploader which (like v2v meets
CCPublisher) where users fill out details and drag a
file into a small application which uploads content to
a video indy website for distribution.

anyway - 
I hope all is well in the world of video activism
where you lot are!


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