[european-newsreal] draft of an invitation - and idea to revitalise this list.

Mick Fuzz mickfuzz at rocketmail.com
Sun Nov 11 01:22:31 PST 2007

hi there, 

some of you might know that there is a meeting coming
up in amsterdam that i'm trying to pull together. 

This is an outline, I'm inviting people to get

What do people think about the idea contained of using
this list to co-ordinate the gathering? It might be a
good way of revitalising the list, and i feel it does
fit in with the previous remit of the european



VX:mission - a video activist exchange for indymedia,
transmission network and social justice video makers. 

Quick Pre-Invitation to VX:mission

This is a pre-invitation to those who may be
interested in shaping a Video Gathering which will
look at using a video activist video distribution
tools. Specifically at this gathering we well have
workshops and discussions on. 

* Online Distribution tools (Open source - eg: drupal,
wordpress, plone)
* Creating and distributing subtitles on the Internet
* Encoding video for Internet distribution
* Creating an ethical alternative to YouTube
* Documenting what we do, and creating help files

The focus of this event is practical. We invite you if
you want to collaborate with like minded video
collectives or create your own tools and feed back
your experience into the growing network of people on
the same mission. 

If you are interested in getting involved please
email. vx at mutantmedia.org.uk with suggestions or a
request for more information -

Discussions are also taking place on the
european-newsreal at lists.indymedia.org email list. 

This gathering is planned in association with
Clearerchannel.org and FlossManuals who are paying for
the venue hire. 
Flossmanuals.net is a website dedicated to providing
free manuals for freesoftware.

http://www.mutantmedia.org.uk  -  crazy freaks loverble geeks
http://www.basslinecircus.org - genetically modified circus

phone: 07913 882193 
email : mick at mutantmedia.org.uk

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