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Evidence of selection for an agrnegative phenotype in chronic infections is
emerging. Schwan et al. 41 studied chronic wound infections using a murine
abscess model. After establishing infections with a hemolytic thus with a
presumably functional agr locus S. aureus strain the number of nonhemolytic
bacteria recovered from the wounds increased over time. 

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Fatality was not significantly different  Failures were significantly more
common with combination therapy  Among all trials we found no evidence for
any potential prevention of infection by resistant isolates with combination
It's hard for many of us to believe this fact because we know how imperfect
we are, and we believe we have to be perfect before God will love us. The
truth is that God's love makes us perfect, even with our imperfections. By
knowing this truth intellectually and believing it spiritually, we not only
love ourselves more; we love others more as well.
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