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fabian fab at in-no.org
Wed Dec 7 02:31:42 PST 2005

Hello everybody...
it seems also that there is some indymedia activity going on in 
Caracas...please read the folloowing mail from IMC UK list...

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> Betreff: [Imc-uk-network] Philly-IMC outreach: World Social Forum and 
> Synergies
> Dear UK-IMC and local IMCs,
> I am Peter Funke and I am with PhillyIMC in Philadelphia, USA
> (http://www.phillyimc.org/en/index.shtml).
> I am contacting you with regard to two initiatives. First, within the 
> broad
> framework of the Philly IMC, we are organizing a panel at the 
> polycentric World
> Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela, in late January 2006. The panel is
> conceptualized broadly under the title “Strategizing the World Social 
> Forum
> Process: creating networks, building alliances, and utilizing 
> independent media
> centers’ passionate and accurate telling of truth”.
> The broad aim of the activity is to “present and discuss with the 
> participants
> potential future strategies on how to utilize the World Social Forum 
> process to
> further its aim of creating another world. Among other issues, we aim 
> to discuss
> the role of the media in this process, the potentials of building 
> networks and
> alliances across issue areas and boundaries and to scrutinize the 
> restrictions
> that the WSF places on the participation (non-violent and on non-party
> organizations). Particular emphasis shall be placed on how the 
> globally growing
> ‘independent media center movement’ might play a more accentuated role 
> in this
> process.
> We would like to invite representatives from IMCs across the globe to
> participate in this panel. As such, I would like to inquire whether 
> someone
> from UK-IMC might be interested in joining us.

Let's have a chat about mali....I need to make a decision about going 
soon and other do as well.
Can we find a good time for a chat with everybody (from IMC africa) on 
the issue?
what about times, we should be all in more or less the same time zone 
(guessing people are mainly from africa and europe)
someone from further a field?
is thursday GMT 22.00h a good time?

Let us know

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