[Imc-africa] FSM Nairobi et Forum des Peuples (Gao - Mali, 15-17 juillet 2006)

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Tue Jun 27 05:04:24 PDT 2006

Hi! Olo! I'm one of those who wrote abit rough during that mail you are 
about. But then to show you that there was no malice but that I was rather
confused by the then call for the Bamako WSF I sent that mail to you privately
not to the list. 2-When you replied and clarified me on the situation I wrote
again two(2) mails to you to appologize for my mail. It's sad you mentioned
that here, which kind of indicate to me that you have not forgotten that
insident yet.

Anyway as far as I'm concern, there are a couple of things we can do.
I got knowledge about the Goa event a bit late so I cannot be there.

-But right now we are preparing a Conference for September in Lagos Nigeria
which we see as preparation for WSF in Nairobi in that the Nigerian Conference
is going to train people on teaching and practicing formal Consensus which is
at   the core of indymedia. Indy Kenya did not indicate if they were

-I've been communicating with Chris Chill whose's university has some
connections to the department of Journalism in the University of Nairobi and
the discussion has been on what we can do joinly during WSF.

-I've been talking to folks from promethues radio who will be happy to come to
the WSF in Kenya and do what they call barnraising, which is building and
starting a LowPoweredFM radio station together with locals and setting it
running. For this though, one will need to know about if laws in Kenya allow
communities to build and operate such low powered stations without too much
bureaucratic trouble.

Those are my thoughts for now.Later

Quoting Sankie's Dad <kenyan at africamail.com>:

> Greetings from Nairobi. Sorry for jumping into this thread a bit late.
> My name is Onyango Oloo and I have been part of the Kenya Indymedia 
> Collective for some time now.
> As some of you may recall, I used to be based in Montreal, Quebec.
> Now I am in Nairobi where I am the National Coordinator of the Kenya 
> Social Forum- effectively right at the centre of the WSF Nairobi 2007 
> Secretariat.
> In early December 2005 I did post a message to this list indicating 
> the same but some of you viciously dismissed me without bothering to 
> verify some basic information.
> It is exciting to see the Indymedia family gung-ho about 
> participating in the WSF taking place in Nairobi in January. Please 
> let me know what we can do here at the Secretariat in ensuring that 
> the alternative media is actively involved in the WSF Nairobi 2007.
> For those who would like to contact me directly here is the relevant 
> information:
> Onyango Oloo
> National Coordinator
> Kenya Social Forum
> WSF Nairobi 2007 Secretariat
> P O Box 63125-00619
> Nairobi, Kenya
> Website: www.socialforum.or.ke
> Email Address: onyango.oloo at sodnet.or.ke
> Landline: (254) 20 386 0745/6
> Cellphone: (254)726 510 571
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>> Subject: [Imc-africa]  FSM Nairobi et Forum des Peuples (Gao - 
>> Mali,	15-17 juillet 2006)
>> Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:50:52 +0200
>> Premier en français, puis en anglais et espagnol.
>> first in french, then english and spanish
>> primero en frances, luego ingles y espanol
>> Bonjour à tous,
>> Je suis Sebastian, j'ai participé au FSM de Bamako avec le IMC, la
>> radio, et aussi d'autres IMC non officiels lors des Forum des
>> Peuples  2004 et 2005.
>> Je travaille à Paris actuellement, mais suis intéressé à participer
>>   aux activités médias du FSM à Nairobi en 2007.
>> Je signale aussi que la 5eme édition du Forum des Peuples aura lieu
>> à  Gao, au nord du Mali, du 15 au 17 juillet 2006 en contrepoint au
>> G8  de St petersbourg.
>> Je serai au Mali du 11 au 20 juillet 2006 pour y participer.
>> Rien n'est sur concernant la disponibilité d'une connexion internet
>>   sur place.
>> Plus d'info en pièce jointe (en français) ou sur le site web :
>> http:// www.forumdespeuples.org
>> A bientot
>> Sebastian
>> =========
>> english
>> =========
>> Hello to all,
>> I'm Sebastian, I participated to wsf bamako with IMC, live webradio
>>   and also others IMCs during people's forum 04 and 05.
>> I'm currently working in Paris, but i'm definetly interested in
>> participating to wsf nairobi 2007.
>> I also remind you that the fifth people's forum will take place in
>> Gao, North Mali, from 15 to 17 july 06, in counterpoint of the G8
>> in  St petersbourg.
>> I will be there 11 to 20 july 06 to participate.
>> Nothing is sure about internet connexion there.
>> More information can be found attached (in french only) or on the
>> website : http://www.forumdespeuples.org (various languages)
>> See you soon
>> Sebastian
>> =========
>> spanish
>> =========
>> Hola a todos,
>> Me llamo sebastian. Estuvé en bamako durante el fsm con el imc, la
>> web radio y otros imc's como el del foro de los pueblos en 2004 y
>> 2005.
>> Estoy ahora en paris, pero estoy mui enthusiasmo a participar al
>> fsm  2007 en kenya.
>> Quiero tambien decirles que el cinco foro de los pueblos sera en
>> Gao,  al norte de mali del 15 al 17 de julio 06, en oposicion al G8
>> de St  petersbourg.
>> Estaré por aya del 11 al 20 de julio para participar. nada esta
>> cierto en lo que concierne la connexion internet.
>> mas informacion en el documento abajo (solo en frances) o en el
>> sitio  web del foro : http://www.forumdespeuples.org (mas lenguas)
>> abrazos
>> Sebastian
>> =========
>> document sur le forum des peuples :
>> << Projet FP 2006 Gao.doc >>
>> Le 14 juin 06 à 03:07, Hans y Sophie Scholl a écrit :
>> >
>> > primero en francés, luego en español.
>> > d'abord en français, aprés en espagnol.
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