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I think it would be good for people who are interested in independent
medias to have a collaborative behind-the-scenes dialogue so we can
coordinate flanks against the status quo pop media. It would also be
useful to discuss ways to advance our base operations, such as our
ability to reach out to people who don't have paper subscriptions. I
fit in this process as a journalist for the Alaska Humanity News and
an organizer with the LaRouche Youth Movement. I'm putting together a
webpage but don't have any HTML etc., experience. It would be very
helpful to myself if I had access to that sort of knowledge so I can
better do it on my own.

Ian Overton

On 1/30/06, Seth de l'Isle <szoth at ubertechnique.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 06:42:15PM -0900, Deirdre Helfferich wrote:
> > with PHP and he may be interested in helping out also (Jeremy, did
> > you find out if he was interested?). We'll need a group of
> > technically savvy people who can deal with the equipment (server) and
> > the coding.
> I looked back over the archives and didn't see any discussion of what
> services, exactly, we're looking at putting together.  National Indymedia
> talks about running a lot of different services:
>     http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Sysadmin/WebHome#HOWTOs
> So, I think it would be good to have that discussion.  What do you
> (y'all) want the Alaskan Indymedia server to do for you?  If anyone has
> contributed to Indymedia elsewhere you might mention what worked well
> for you there.
> It seems like the core feature is the ability for anyone to upload
> content, and then tools to allow convenient moderation.
> Different indymedia sites are running on gobs of different community
> portal packages, some custom:
>     http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/WebHome#Codebases
> some more general (and therefore better supported):
>     http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/OpenSourceCodebases
> I have a server in a data center in California that's already running
> "drupal," the first of the open source content management systems that
> national indymedia suggests in the link above.  Check it out here as a
> possible place to start:
>     http://ubertechnique.com/drupal/
> The appearance can be modified to our liking.
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