[imc-alberta] Made-in-Alberta postponement of Season Two to November

Barb Allard barballard at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 13 16:57:31 PDT 2006

Hello Made-in-Alberta viewers.

We are having some technical problems due to changes in the way we produce
Made-in-Alberta. We're busy working through them - and ARE getting somewhere
- but thought we'd better go back into re-run mode for a bit so we can focus
on it.

Thanks for your continued support and patience. Comments, feedback and
questions are always welcome by emailing barballard at shaw.ca or replying back
to this email.

All the best.
Barb Allard,
Producer, Made-in-Alberta

Season Two to Re-launch November 6, 2006

We will be re-running episodes from Season One all through October. Please
tune in to Shaw TV, Channel 10, in the Capital Region on Mondays, Saturdays
and Sundays to view them. You can watch all of Season One on-line, in
Quicktime format, by clicking the links to the left.

Coming In Season Two...

We will continue the chapters from Season One, finishing some, launching
others - plus adding a few new ones. We also aim to improve this web site,
add exciting new on-line features, produce more DVD compilations, improve
our email communications system (thanks for your patience!) and show
made-in-Alberta energy innovation to a wider audience.

Coming Soon - Your Story?

If you'd like to support the Made-in-Alberta project and get lots of
exposure for your new energy product or service, there will be more levels
and new ways in Season Two. For more information reply back or phone us at
(780) 455-7335.

You have been sent this email because you have expressed an interest in
Made-in-Alberta. You will be placed on our mailing list for weekly updates
for the duration of the series. Please inform us about double postings, or
if you wish to be removed, by emailing made-in-alberta at shaw.ca. If you like
what we're doing please consider helping us spread the word.

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