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Josef Davies-Coates josef at uniteddiversity.com
Thu Jan 25 10:00:28 PST 2007

On 25/01/07, Chuck <chuck at mutualaid.org> wrote:
> Josef Davies-Coates wrote:
> > Also, I just launch http://commonscreation.org (site not ready but links
> > through to  background into on united diversity blog) - check out the
> > presentation.
> Did I miss the memo about today being the day where we promote our own
> projects on this list?

No Chuck, you didn't.

But from what I can gather, most people on this list are very interested in
(potentially) inspiring projects that are seeking to create new sustainable

Indeed, I would think that was a given, considering we're discussing setting
up a site share news about and promote exactly such stuff.

Personally I'd love to hear all about all the projects people on this list
are involved with, because we're very clearly quite an inspirational bunch,
with fingers in lots of pies (and mapping our own networks is a pretty good
start towards achieving our stated goals).

So Chuck, all, what really cool stuff are you involved in? (and if you don't
want to spam the list, just tag them 100links on delicious and I'll pick
them up ;) )


Josef Davies-Coates
07974 88 88 95
*Together We Have Everything*
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