[Imc-alternatives] about the updated summary

Jay jay at fundamentalchange.net
Fri Sep 5 05:54:12 PDT 2008

Hi alternatives,

Ryan is going to Techmeet this weekend and will be meeting face to face with a few dozen IMC techies from around the world.  Josh says he'll try to make it to their virtual meeting, which should be some time Saturday.  If any of the rest of you are planning to be there, either in person or virtually, please let me know.  

So Ryan and Josh have the most recent info in hand, I just updated the big summary about the alternatives project I posted here and sent to Ryan many months ago.  I added a shorter summary too.

As you'll notice, I framed the summary as a proposal to the imc-tech crowd to join forces with Alternatives and work together to build our site.  I know we've talked for eons about the technical infrastructure of the Alternatives site, past the point to which any of us really cares any more ("just build the derned site already!" :)) but, as we've also discussed, one of the options for the last year has been for Alternatives to become one of the first sites in the new IMC technical infrastructure.  This would involve working closely with the techies who are building that infrastructure, rather than going it alone, as we decided to do in Drupal.  There would be benefits and drawbacks to that, but it could really yield great results.  

We'll see if anything concrete comes out of Techmeet regarding imc-tech's relationship to the Alternatives IMC.  I hope so.  We'll take our next step based upon that.  


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