[A-IMC radio] Naming Proposal

Danyl Strype strypey at riseup.net
Mon Oct 4 04:16:30 PDT 2004

Kia ora koutou,

I am as sick of the ongoing naming discussion as everyone
else. There are good reasons for and against each suggested
name. At this stage there doesn't seem to be a clear enough
consensus of who "WE" are as a network to formalize the

The consensus seems to be that no-one minds what handle
anyone else uses for the network (so Aaron M doesn't need
to worry about "stepping on anyone's toes") and that the
priority at the moment is to get more stations set up, get
more content-sharing happening, have more one-on-one
networking on details and less general "policy" list


1) That we focus on promoting the individual stations and
information radio in general (setting up the
indymedia.org.nz/radio page will be part of this process)

2) That we invite people to join and use this list as a
point of contact and for general enquiries (tech advice

3) That we use whatever title we think is appropriate in
reference to the loose alliance of radio types using this
list as a networking tool until there is a clear need for a
more formal identity and title

4) That we make it clear in any public or media release that
the handle we are using to refer to the network is a working
title not the name of a formal organisation

5) That we help to promote existing public radio
organisations (eg LPFM Association in Auckland) and assist
in the emergence of new ones (eg LPFM Association in Welly,
Ian's NZAIRB idea)



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