[A-IMC radio] Re: open source (GPL) radio broadcast software!

Peter peter at a32.net
Mon Oct 11 21:41:48 PDT 2004

imc-aotearoa-radio-request at lists.indymedia.org wrote:

>    1. open source (GPL) radio broadcast software! (Danyl Strype)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> Kia ora koutou,
> This is a project to create a completely GPL (free software)
> radio broadcast system using Linux as a platform. Has anyone
> used it, is it any good?
> http://www.salemradiolabs.com/rivendell/
> RnB,
> Strypey

This sofware is huge and the installation isn't easy.
I tried installing it on a Knoppix Linux Box and failed miserably.
It seems to need Suse Linux and the audio drivers are for a specific type of

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