[Imc-aotearoa-video] FW: John Pilger's latest documentary

Geraldene Peters bern at ihug.co.nz
Tue Dec 14 12:08:19 PST 2004

> Hi All,
> 'Stealing a Nation', John Pilger's latest doco, will screen at 9:40pm this
> coming Friday (17th)  on TV One in the Foreign Correspondent programme.
> Best
> Marion

More Info:


 On October 6, the ITV Network showed John Pilger's 'Stealing a Nation'.
This is a shocking, almost incredible story, largely hidden from history, of
the secret expulsion of the entire population of the Chagos Islands, a
British colony in the Indian Ocean, by the British Government, so that the
main island, Diego Garcia, could be given to America as a military base.
More than 2,000 people were dumped a thousand miles away, in the slums of
Mauritius, and received little in compensation. Their fortunes changed in
the 1990s with the discovery of a bundle of official files, which reveal a
conspiracy between the Foreign Office in London and officials in Washington.

Cheers, g

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