[Imc-aotearoa-video] [Cc-nz] Report back from 'CreativeCommoNZ' informal steering meeting

Danyl Strype strypey at riseup.net
Mon Aug 7 22:51:32 PDT 2006

Kia ora Koutou

Thursday's CreativeCommoNZ meeting at the National Library was really  
positive. Although it was convened by Ian Thompson of the 2020 Trust,  
it was the at the National Library because they are committed as part  
of the draft digital content strategy to investigate the feasibility  
of setting up a Creative Commons for Aotearoa. Stuart Cunningham of  
QUT in Brisbane who is involved in the OZ CC was in Poneke to launch a  
discussion paper on 'creative economies' he's had published so the  
meeting was timed to coincide with his visit.

There were about 20 people there representing a number of civil  
society organisations and government departments and a few  
independents like myself. I made it clear to the meeting that I was  
not formally representing anyone but myself but that my interest  
related to the fact that a number of infomedia projects I'm involved  
with including Aotearoa.Indymedia.org and Aotearoa Information Radio  
(air.enzyme.org.nz) hope to incorporate the NZ licenses into their  
infostructure. However since I was the only person at the meeting from  
the informal group that has been aggregating on the cc-nz list I  
attempted to sum up what we've done so far and  encouraged them all to  
join the list.

Stuart, along with one of his colleagues joining in by speaker phone  
gave us as basic refresher on CC, how it works and how the OZ project  
has worked out so far. Richard Niven, a lawyer, ran through the legal  
issues around NZ copyright law and the licenses. Paul Reynolds (who  
along with Ian and Winston represented NZ at the World Summit on the  
Information Society) ably facilitated the final discussion about how  
to bring CC NZ from concept to reality.

The consensus of the meeting was that we should aim for an official   
launch in November. Richard said that he would network with the  
Victoria uni law faculty on getting draft translations ready. Dr Brian  
Opie said the Council of Humanities may be able to act as the  
institutional home for iCommons purposes. Colin Jackson said Internet  
Society might also. Someone needs to contact the iCommons folks about  
exactly what they are looking for in a potential 'project lead/  

I basically said that our main focus on cc-nz has been the creation of  
the creativecommons.org.nz portal. I mentioned that a number of us are  
technicians and web developers and expressed confidence that once the  
license translation and project lead/ institution issues are sorted  
out we could have a 0.1 version of the portal up and running pretty  

I brought up the fact that except for one person from Auckland (and  
Stuart) we were all Poneke-based and that it would be good to have  
more meetings around the country. Winston Roberts of the Nat Library  
mentioned that there would be consultation meetings around the country  
for the digital strategy and that CC NZ would be discussed. However I  
would like to see more face-to-face meetings focussed just on CC as  
well. The consensus was definitely that in future all meetings/  
processes used to organise CC NZ should be as open, inclusive and  
welcoming as possible.

Ian T asked me to apologise for not being more encouraging to some of  
you who expressed interest in the last few days in coming to the  
meeting. I have to say though that it was a small meeting room and  
very full as it was so I do understand his desire to keep the numbers  
under control. Apologies also from me for not reading and responding  
to Ian's invitation sooner which would have given you more time to  
contact him and arrange to be included.

Full minutes of the meeting will be available and I'll make sure they  
are posted to the list. Thanks to Ian and his co-facilitators, the  
National Library for their hospitality and to everyone who  
participated for making it such a fantastic, lively, friendly and  
productive meeting.


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