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Robert Fyffe robfyffe at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 02:10:12 PDT 2006

-- Mick.

You really are a heartless, mindless and gutless little piece of shit.

The name says it all. PARIAH; the lowest caste, social outcast. You are the
lowest of them all.
Filthy little ferral.
It must be really hurting you to see the outpouring of love and respect for
Love and respect that you couldn't buy.
You, after two years of antagonism and slander, now attempt to ride the wake
of sympathy over the passing of my greatest friend, ally and confidante to
promote your own credibility.



You disgust me.
Don't even attempt to deny that you are the one responsible for these posts.

That would further disgust me. They are typical of your plagiaristic, (and
gutlessly anonymous), style.
How dare you attach links to your sites, as if Gary was one of your greatest
supporters. Whilst attaching rather dubious wikipedia links to Gary's
passion (NAP). Links designed to cast further doubt on the credibility of
Gary's work.
You insult the memory of Gary and you have deeply offended his grieving
family. (really bad move).
Now you waste my time having to search the web to request the removal of all
your crap.
Or you could do that yourself as a token of goodwill.
But I won't hold my breath on that one.

What's all this bullshit about reconcilliation now, that was never on the
cards, and you constantly ensured that.
You danced and celebrated at the news of Gary's death.
It seems the only person sucked into that line is the ever loving
humanitarian Petros.
Gary, along with many of us here in Darwin who have had dealings with you,
held you in the same esteem as John Howard and George Bush and all other
facist megalomanic filth.
While it may be true that in the early days NAP and PARIAH were allies and
supported each others actions, you were never "mates". Beside the fact,
there has been no action from PARIAH to support for at least two years.
Since your expulsion from NAP you have become increasingly antagonistic and
slanderous toward both NAP and Gary.
It's almost as if you were employed by the Police and Judiciary to mount a
campiagn to attempt to distract Gary from the enormous task of defending
human rights through the court system, and to discredit his great work.
Your efforts served to add a great deal of stress to Gary's life over his
last twelve months.
A thought you likely relish.
For your part in my partner's death I will never forgive you.
I will not be satisfied until I read your obituary.

Robert Fyffe
Northern Territory,
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