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Just received frantic text from Fi, re smoke-in
    She didn't make it clear, but are you working that day and therefore won't be able to attend?
    If so, will need to make alternative transport arrangements. 
   Just to set the record straight: She says Stui and had a "fight". We did't. He made a fool of me, a supposed mate, in the NT News, and publicly discredited NAP. I asked Fi and now I ask you: Will he face sanction?
    What I also want to know is, who from NAP vetted HIS letter, given that he wrote and it was published "on behalf of NAP"?
    Rob, Gary would have turned in his grave seeing what Stuart did. And if what he told me about what you apparently said re pot-driving, then I'm afraid you must bare responsibility for this fiasco. Meyerhoff and talked a lot, and nowhere did he ever state that pot impaired driving. Your notr the only expert driver, either, just quietly. I, too, have done a lot of driving while stoned, and I never found it impaired my driving. You MUST HAVE known what GAZ thought of driving while stoned.
    It doesn't matter that I didn't find a definitive study until after my own letter was published. 
    I'm just curious about your motives for winding Stui up? I think I'm owed certainly an explanation from SOMEONE. An apology from Stui, I've confirmed, will not be forthcoming.

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